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News and Updates

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1.25.10 - Happy New Year!!

Our next Science meeting agenda for Tuesday, January 26th  is posted on the Wiki under meeting agendas - please visit.

Attention - 8th grade Science teachers - The 8th grade Science Benchmark (State OAT Practice Test) will be administered on Feb 1 and/or 2nd.  A block period is needed for this test.  All materials are at each building, including scan cards and rubrics and will be passed out at our 1.26.10 meeting.  Norm scoring will be done by 6, 7, and 8th grade teachers at each building.  Scan cards are to be turned in to each principal by Monday, February 8th in the morning!


Attention - 6th grade Teachers - The EIE workshop is scheduled for Friday, March 12th in the morning (7:40 - 10:40) in Alissa Sherman's room at Willetts.  All instructional booklets and a complete overview of the unit will be provided during this time.  Please make sure you return your equipment sheets to PHodson@ BOE by February 8th.   


As we all continue our focus on Intervention for the upcoming OAT - please visit the state site practice tests at http://www.ohiodocs.org/OAA.htm



12.04.09 - Attention!  Attention!!  - 6th Grade Teachers - 

!!The EIE - STEM Engineering initiative is in Progress!!  The tentative plan includes purchasing the materials for the Cell Membrane Model - "Just Passing Through" with a 1/2 day of professional development for all 6th grade teachers to overview/ understand/ and discuss it's use.  The tentative date for this professional development is February/March with implementation of this engineering pilot during the spring Life Science unit.  Please feel free to add any comments to this information below.


12.10.09 - Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!

Our Tuesda, January 26th department meeting has two important agenda topics.  1)  Meeting the Science needs of all our students through differentiation and 2)  Continued focus on technology.  With this in mind, please put on your thinking caps and consider if/how you might contribute to our department meeting topics.  Is there a paticular successful differentiation strategy (MAX, Strategies that Work, Webquest, Lexile score articles) you are using that you could share with us?  And what about differentiation through Technology?  (Leveled Gizmo, Moodle, Renzulli learning, etc)  Volunteers to share out successful ideas are needed!!  Can you help?





1.25.10 - A Response to the standards - Check it out!!!

Attached are final Review comments and recommendations on the Ohio Draft Science Education Standards


As compiled from SWOT responses, letters and eight conference calls primarily with college, university and pre-college teachers as members of the Academy’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Teacher Advisory Committee (STEM-TAC). http://www.ohiosci.org/PR2009-STEM-TAC.pdf


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