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Course Descriptions

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Below are the Willetts - work in progress - narrative course descriptions.  In addition, please view the 'flowchart' that Mr. Miller created for us.  What do you thinkk?

Let's use the bottom of the page for words of approval, suggestions and/or revisions.  Thanks to Brian and Willetts for getting us rolling and thanks to all contributors.


Science and Social Studies flow charts.docx 


Sixth grade science is a year-long course that will expose your students to the many wonders of the scientific world.  Students will focus on several different aspects of science including topics dealing with life science, physical science, earth & space sciences, science & technology and scientific inquiry/ways of knowing.  Students learn the curriculum through various labs, class discussions, worksheets, activities, homework assignments and assessments. 


7th grade science students will continue to improve scientific skills and processes.  Focuses of study include:  scientific method, water, pollution, weather, animal classification



and animal behavior and relationships, transformation of energy, and conservation of matter. 

In 8th grade we cover 4 areas of science: geology, physics, astronomy, and genetics/species.  They also work towards mastering 6th and 7th grade skills through higher level


exploration.  This class is only offered at one level.  Students are taught with a hands on learning approach. 


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at 12:14 pm on Dec 10, 2009

I like how easy it is to read and understand. Great Job!!!

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